Friday, May 25, 2018

Burgundy Stripes with Kraft Panel - Before and After


My "before" card (at bottom of post) was one-of-a-kind, using a short scrap of hole-y paper from a friend's ribbon box.  When I tried to identify it, I learned it was the backing from a type of veneer tape.  Perfect for a thank-you note for this friend, whose cards make creative use of all kinds of "found" materials.

I liked the design well enough to make more, with card stock instead of veneer tape backing.  My hole-y die was narrower than the tape backing, with larger holes, and it looked better in a portrait orientation, with wider embossed stripes from a different embossing folder.  But the overall "after" effect (at top of post) is very close to the original.  Thank you, Judy, for sharing your stash and inspiring my cards!

Card details:
Top card created for Operation: Quiet Comfort.

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