Monday, February 18, 2013

Storage - Embroidery Floss

These two photos show how I store my embroidery floss.   I really enjoy using DMC and other floss on my cards, sometimes like narrow ribbon or twine, and sometimes for flower centers.

Last spring,  I was wishing for a simple, easy way to store and use my floss.  The idea of winding it all onto bobbins did not appeal to me.  Browsing in my local needlework shop, I found a solution that has worked beautifully for me.   After almost a year of using it, I think it's safe to say that I love it and I'm happy to recommend it to others.

It's called the Thread Tux by Yarn Tree.  The bags come in a pack of 100, with a choice of several label colors.  The bags are available on line, but I didn't post a link because I haven't personally ordered from any of those stores. 

Each skein of floss slides into a separate bag.  The closed end (at the top in my photos) has a 1/4" hole that seems pretty sturdy.  The open end (at the bottom) has a zipper seal, with a hole above and below the seal.  The loose end of thread comes out above the seal, then back in below the seal.  This gives it just enough friction to stay in place.  Note: the thread is not pulled through the zipper seal, but weaves over and outside it, through the holes. 

You could place the bags on a round binder ring, but I have mine on knitting stitch holders - in my case, 2 of them, each with about 50 bags.  (The aluminum stitch holder, about 5" long, is like a big safety pin without a sharp point.)  I put all of that into a gallon plastic zipper bag, which flattens down nicely in the box where I keep it.

What I like about this storage system:
  • No winding thread onto separate cards or bobbins.
  • I can write the card stock name onto the bag label area, making it easy to find the matching floss.  I use a ball-point pen, which writes easily and wipes off cleanly with alcohol if I need to change it.
  • By inserting each skein into its bag in the same direction (color number toward the bottom of the bag, facing away from the bag label), I can easily see the floss brand and color number.
  • The floss dispenses smoothly and easily, even when the skein is getting empty.  If it sticks a bit, I just pinch the skein at the top end while tugging gently from the bottom.
  • I can keep an extra skein in the bag, with the skein I'm using.
  • No tangles.
  • Easy to see what I have, and how much is left.
  • Not a big investment - the bags cost around $7 or $8 per 100, and the knitting stitch holders cost around $2 each. 
What I don't like?  Well, nothing for me.  For serious embroidery maybe, the slippery bags could be a nuisance.  But for how I use them,  I have no complaints. 

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LEG Studios said...

Love this system and you explained it very well! TFS!