Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunshine Card - Embroidery Floss

Another card experiment, this time with cotton embroidery floss. I have several dozen skeins of different colors, bought 25 years ago to try some freehand art embroidery, another one of my unsuccessful non-marker art attempts. So I decided to try using it like ribbon on a greeting card. And one thing led to another.

Technique: All the floss is adhered with Scor-tape, an extremely sticky double-sided tape. For the sun's rays, I used 1/8" tape - just wide enough for 2 full strands of floss side by side. Then for the grass, I used a horizontal 1/2" strip and placed little U shapes of floss across it. All pressed down firmly.

The center of the sun is a small round plastic "gem" embellishment, tinted with orange Copic marker. Around that, I laid down a spiral of light yellow floss, streaked with Copic, on Scor-tape on top of a scrap of card stock, then more Scor-tape on the back of that, all cut into a circle and pressed down. (010b)

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