Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mint Green Herringbone with Bright Green and Yellow Stars

I love to play with colors, and at times I'm adventurous with my color combinations.  But without this example (2nd photo in link) by Nichole Heady, posted on her Capture the Moment blog, I would likely not have tried this color scheme with mint green, bright green, yellow, and grays all together.  From Nichole's example, I also used the general layout of the card and the herringbone mat.  Thank you, Nichole, for your inspiration!

Card details:
Created for Operation: Quiet Comfort.

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Vicki Finger said...

This is so fun and I can see it a million different ways and different color combinations! I think this would be great for some of the boys in my life like my Grandsons and my Son-in-Law. I love the clean graphic feel of it.